Sunday, June 28, 2009

Americans would support for health care bill if they understood it

While searching for the polling data reported in this post, I came across a blog comment that relates to my own observation: that the public knows little about the Obama health care bill. Eliza Jane Dodd commented at Healthcare Now:
Why is the WHITE HOUSE AFRAID to TAKE a POLL or have a PETITION for HR676 Universal Health Care ? I know the Bill would Pass ! Every Single Person is Blown away [...] Never have Heard about it and when they read it they all ask: How do we get it and want it! I think something is very FISHY SMELLING in America’s White House. I have E-Mailed over 3,000 E-mails […] EVERYONE WANTS HR676 NOW!
Dodd's observations about the reaction of her countrymen after she tells them the specifics of HR-676 are not surprising if you consider the polling data. The polls show that American want that which happens to be in the bill. Of course, the White House has done more to advance the issue since Dodd's comment was posted in February -- but arguably not nearly enough.

Certainly a lot of blame goes to the media, but the White House is hardly off the hook.

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