Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Why Obama Admin. must cut US media giants down to size

With rare exceptions, the US network news channels tell their viewers next to NOTHING about the outside world except if something cataclysmic happens.

If you live in the US, turn on the TV. Witness something unusual. At this moment, the mainstream US media -- even CNN -- is giving Americans a rare glimpse of life in the outside world. It's reporting on the terror attacks in Mumbai.

Except for a day like today, for the rest of the year, Americans live in a sealed bubble-world.

Tragically, the US media can't even do its job right on the home front. Greenwald Bogged Wednesday: "a major reason why the Bush administration was able to break numerous laws in general, and subject detainees to illegal torture specifically, is because the media immediately mimicked the Orwellian methods adopted by the administration to speak about and obfuscate these matters. "

Unless Obama takes on the media giants, cutting them down to size, nothing substantial will really have changed for the better in the US by the time his term is done. If they don't change, neither America nor the world will be safe.

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