Thursday, November 13, 2008

Changing the Democratic Party

Greenwald blogs that the Obama revolution must become a revolution in the Democratic Party -- or nothing will change:

The Democrats of 2002 and 2007 are the same Democrats of today. It was inevitable that, sooner or later, they would force everyone to remember that. It looks like they're going to do it sooner, and in some perverse way, they deserve thanks for that.

It can't be emphasized enough that the election last week was but the first step to changing things meaningfully. None of that is likely to matter much unless as much energy and effort is now devoted to changing the Democratic Party as was just expended to remove the right-wing from power.

Public pressure must be brought to bear on the Democrats to change the way they govern. I find Greenwald's argument compelling.

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Previously, I had been blogging about the Obama, McCain and the US election. I wrote about Sarah Palin on this blog even before McCain chose her to be his running mate. The choice was disappointing, and a possibility I had anticipated.

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