Thursday, October 2, 2008

My transcript of the Palin-Biden debate

This is not an authoritative transcript. Just some jots. Tried to touch on the main things that were said.

P: Can I call you Joe? Thank you, thank you.
Q: H of Rep, bailout bill, as America watches, is this the best of Washington or the worst?
B: Neither. Evidence last 8 years worst ever economic policies. Need any more proof of excess regulation, no more needed. Obama laid out 4 basic criteria: oversight, homeowners, main street, ceo's can't benefit. Consequence? Diff between us and them? Focus on middle class. When it grows we all do.
P: Want to focus on . . .. Goto a kids soccer game on a Saturday and I betcha ya're gonna feel some fear. Fear about... Fear ... Barometer there that the economy is hurting, need reform. John McCain representing reform. Sounded warning bell. He was putting obsessive politics aside.
Comment: Palin said nothing.
Q: How will you be able to get anything done?
B: Until two weeks ago fundamental strong he said. McCain: 9am economy strong. 11am we have a problem.
P: Blathering about American workforce. TRACK record of reform. We just get the job done. Tired of the old politics
Q: Sub-prime lending meltdown: who was at fault.
P: Darn right was the predator lenders. Was de-ception there. Let's commit ourselves, Joe sixpack, hockeymoms, Never again will we be exploited again! We need to demand strict oversight. Let's not get ourselves in debt. She sounds like a she's addressing her fellow high school students. Are Americans this immature?
B: John McCain thought tried and true "deregulation" the answer. Self-regulation. Obama wanted more regulations. McCain: as for banking, so would do for health care.
P: We do need tax relief. O supported tax increase recently.
B: Absolutely not true. Vote she's referring to did not raise taxes. McCain 477 times ... Did not respond to McCain's failure to oppose deregulation, his support for it.
P: Eliminated property and business taxes as mayor of Wasilla. John McCain known for regulations: cigar., etc.
Q: Class warfare?
B: Fairness. 250 K and under not taxed more.
P: Taxes, said Biden, Patriotic. Patriot is saying govt the problem. So govt get out of the way. And let us thrive.
Q: Health care plan?
P: Tax credit. Won't cost more. Not universal government run way. I don't think health care being taken over by feds is answer.
B: I don't know where to start. We don't call not giving Exxon 4 billion class war, we call it fareness. You know how McCain pays for health care: taxes as income the health care benefit. Goes straight to insurance company. .... I call that the ultimate bridge to nowhere.
Good line.
Q: what will be cut in downturn.
B: Not going to support corporate tax cuts. Can't cut education. Not going to cut health care. Bottom line: 100 billion dolar tax dodge, overseas money.
P: Doesn't tell one thing to one group, another to another. I took on oil companies. I undid what Obama did by voting for an energy bill. In my own area of expertise, that's energy.
B: McCain won't support a windfall profits tax like you did in Alaska. I hope the Gov will support for the country what she gave to Alaska.
P: We need to be appreciative of McCain's call to reform those who were starting to rear that head of abuse. Now we have to ....
Q: Morgage holders had to pay price.
B: Only 10 percent . . . Obama pointed out 2 years ago sub-crime crisis; McCain 6 months ago wrote was "surprised." Bankruptcy courts should be able to re-adjust principle you owe. But McCain and gov don't support that. Ways to help people, but not supported byPalin and McCain.
Q: that so?
P: No. Nonsensical when have energy, but reliant on foreign countries. Circulating 700 billion into foreign countries. Energy independence key to nation's future. (Repeats)
Q: Causes?
P: Alaska feels impact more than others. Not one to attribute every activity of man to changes in climate. ... We are allowing other countries to pollute more. Conserve more. ...
B: Biggest difference: You don't understand causes, can't solve it. We have 3 percent of the reserve, consume 25 percent. McCain opposed ... China polluting ... John McCain voted against funding alternatives. Drill only answer.
Q: clear up issues
P: Chant is drill baby drill and that's what we hear all across this country. Pipeline... O and B say no to everything. You even call drilling offshore "raping" the outer continental shelf.
Q: Support capping carbon cap
P: Yes
B: If only answer is oil ...
Q: Same sex benefits
B: No difference between same sex and hetro couple. rights same. Only fair. Constitution calls for. Same Const. benefits as hetro.
Q: Expanding it?
P: Not if it expands traditional definition of marriage. If I would be anything but tolerant. I have diverse family and group of friends. I would do nothing to prohibit visits in hospital. Straight up in non-support for anything but a trad def of marriage.
Q: B support g-mar?
B: We really don't have a difference.
Q: Foreign policy. You Palin want a clear exit strategy.
P: I am thankful we do have a plan. Thankful we have plan, implemented under hero, supported by hero McCain. Biden called out Obama for not funding troops. Got to win in Iraq. Down to presurge numbers. Could put more troops in Afghanistan. Grow military. Travesty if quit now in Iraq.
B: I did not hear a plan. O plan same as Malaki and Bush plan. Believe in timeline to transfer responsibilities to Iraqis. For J McCain no end in sight.
P: Your plan is a white flag of surrender in Iraq. That's not what our troops need to see. You'll know when can govern themselves..... Iraqi commanders on the ground can tell us when that is. Says: I respect your decisionBiden. Obama? Anyone who can cut off funding for the troops, that's another story. Looks really disgusted.
B: McCain has been dead wrong.
B: Focus on Pakistan. Has nukes. Iran not close to having nuke able to be deployed.
P: Both dangerous. Central war on terror is Iraq according to 2 leaders: Petreus and leader of Al Quaeda. Iran's A not one we can allow to acquire nuclear energy or nuclear weapons. There is an agreement that Iran can acquire peaceful nuclear energy. Palin is in disagreement with the Bush administration here.
P: Our tolerance. Can't sit down on presidential level as Obama would. Diplomacy is....
B: This is not true about Obama. He didn't say that about A. A doesn't control security apparatus. 5 sec of state said we should sit down. McCain won't sit down with Spain, a NATO ally. Incredible.
P: Israel peace seeking nation. Track record of peace with Jordan and Egypt.
B: None a better friend of Israel than me. Biden misspoke saying Hamas won election in West Bank (not Gaza).
P: Enough of the blame game. Have been huge blunders in the administration. Too much finger pointing backwards. We'll learn from past mistakes of this administration.
Q: Nuclear weapons.
P: Nuclear weaponry of course the be all and end all of all the regimes on our planet. Ours is for deterrence. That's a safe stable way to use nuclear weaponry. Can we talk about Afghan? Surge principles that worked in Iraq need to be implemented in Afghan also. We're fighting terrorists, building schools there, we will win there too.
B: Afghan, facts matter. Our comanding general there says surge principle used in Iraq will not work in Afghan. We spent more money in 3 weeks in Iraq than in 7 years in Afghan. No. 2. With regards to arms control, requires control. McCain opposed nuke test-ban treaty. Obama's 1st thing: Obama Lugar bill on nuke proliferation.
P: Certainly accounting for different conditions, counter-insurgency principles -- clearing holding rebuilding -- could work in Afghan.
B: Our commanding general did say that. While we have been calling for more help in Afghan, McCain saying it succeeded two years ago.
B: Bosnia: it worked. Look what we did. (Says we can do more: chad, darfu...)
P: You voted for the war, now you opposed war.
Q: Line drawn?
B: capacity, new international consensus needed.
P: McCain knows what evil is. Know how to implement the strategies.
Q: if pres dies how carry on?
B: If did, would carry out Obama's policies. In essence I agree with every major initiative
P: Not going to agree on everything. ANWAR disagree. What I would do also if ever happen put the govt back on side of people, we need a bit of reality from Wasilla mainstreet to see how average family viewing Wall Street. Govt get out of my way. Going to have a choice.
B: Just go into Home Depot and ask if a single major initiative McCain differs from Pres on? People in my neighborhood get it. Walk with me in my neighborhood. These people know corporateAmerica done very well.
P: There you go again Joe, you preferenced whole comment with the Bush admin. Schoolteacher, blah blah. Got to increase the standards, NCLB not doing enough. Got to ramp it up and put more attention into that arena.
P: I would lead with energy independence in America, and with children with special needs.
Q: What is your achilles heel?
P: Gov of huge energy producing state. Not answering the question. Of course!!! Palin doesn't know what the phrase "Achilles heel" means. The question asked Palin to point to some of her weaknesses. She has not understood the vocabulary necessary to answer the question!
B: You're very kind suggesting my only Achilles heel is a lack of discipline. Lists achievements.
P: John McCain has been the consummate maverick. (me too)
B: McCain is not a maverick on the things that matter to peoples lives. Not a maverick on education. Not a maverick on the war. On the things that people talk about, not a maverick.
B: Don't question others motives. Respect them.
P: Choice: vote to lower taxes, build infrastructures. Or vote for more taxes, spend more, say no to energy independence.
Q: closing statement
P: Like to answer tough question without the filter of the mainstream media. I want to assure you J McCain and I will fight for average every day American family like mine. We have to fight for our freedoms. Ronald Reagan said.

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