Thursday, October 16, 2008

How will candidates cut back spending?

It was a stupid question, as I blogged here. Worse still was the fact McCain mentioned Obama's "projector" for the third time in a presidential debate.
Q: What will you cut back spending? (Wrong question, depressed times call for stimulus package, deficit spending).
O: I have proposed a net spending cut. (Assumes audience too stupid to understand the concept of deficit spending to stimulate economy in recession?) Line by line cuts. Need to invest in country: education, energy .... Once through economic crisis can't go back to profligate ways.
M: I want to get back to home ownership. During depression era we had a home ownership corporation. .. (Shows M's age)
Q: The question was what are you going to cut?
M: Energy - wind, tide, nuclear. What I cut? Across the board spending freeze. Hatchet, then we take scapal. Government spending out of control. I know how to save billions in defense spending. . . . . I opposed subsidies for ethanol. .. . Obama supported those subsidies (True enough). Sen. O has asked for 10 billion for a . . . Including --- for an overhead projector in his home town. (See my blog post concerning this "projector" earmark, an issue which was raised twice in the first debate. This is a bogus charge. Obama take this on!)
O: Earmarks 1/2 of 1 percent. Not going to solve the problem. A little history: when Pres. Bush came into office we had a surplus. Debt has doubled.
M: I am not pres Bush. Should run against him 4 yrs ago. We can balance budget. NY city has.
I can eliminate spending. O's budget had 24 billion more in spending than Bush budget proposal (McCain is nickle-and-dimming).
O: In terms of standing up to party leaders, I stood up to tort reform. I support charter schools. Doesn't make me pop with teachers. I support clean coal. Does make me pop. with . . . . Even Fox News disputes it this claim, and that doesn't happen often with me on Fox News. You have stood up on torture, I give you credit. But economic policy is 8 more yrs of same.
M: Earmarks, pharma, HMO bill of rights, 9/11 commission, I have a long record of fighting. Your argument for standing up to party leaders isn't convincing.
The above text is an excerpt from my live-jotting of the debate, posted here. Video of the exchange posted here.

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