Thursday, September 4, 2008

For republicans, drilling is a moral virtue

"Drill for oil" proved to be a popular theme at the RNC the evening. Giuliani talked about drilling:

I learned as a trial lawyer a long time ago, if you don't have the facts, you've got to change them. So our opponents want to re- frame the debate.

You change the facts? It seems to me this statement mainly said something about Rudy's own ethical standards.*

They would have you believe that this election is about change versus more of the same, but that's really a false choice, because there's good change and bad change.


Because change is not a destination, just as hope is not a strategy.


John McCain -- John McCain will bring about the change that will create jobs and prosperity. Let's talk briefly about specifics.

Why only briefly? The speeches have been short on specifics.

John McCain will lower taxes so our economy can grow.


He'll reduce government to strengthen our dollar. He'll expand free trade so we can be more competitive. And he will lead us to energy independence so we can be free of foreign oil.


And -- and he'll do it with an all-of-the-above approach, including nuclear power, and, yes, off-shore oil drilling.


Drill, baby, drill?


Drill, baby, drill.

GIULIANI: This -- this -- this is the kind of change -- now, you guys are ready to break out. Whoa.

This -- this -- this and a lot more is the kind of change that will create growth, jobs, and prosperity, not what they want to do, tax us more, increase the size of government, increase tariffs, hurt jobs, send jobs elsewhere.

This is the king of change? What? Drilling? That counts as real change? You can the full text transcript of the speech here.

Does offshore drilling help? On his blog, Julian Cole explains why offshore drilling won't make any appreciable difference in terms of solving the overall US energy crisis.
* Update. Reading James Fallow's blog, I was struck to see that he had made the same observation in an update to his post about the Giuliani speech.

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